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A Seed Sprouts

My name is Rick Beckman!, I scream into the never-​ending, ever-​widening expanse that is the Internet.

Another idea. Part of an idea real­ly. Another thing that is being put out there, wher­ev­er “there” is — wher­ev­er you are, I sup­pose — with my name on it, tied to my lega­cy of half-​baked and most­ly for­got­ten Internet-​based projects.

A week­ly host­ed the­ol­o­gy chat. A theology-​themed e‑zine with mul­ti­ple authors. A wiki of the­ol­o­gy… or of apolo­get­ics. Message boards. Blogs. Webrings. AHHHHHH. 

It’s exhaust­ing think­ing about not only how much effort all of those things were, even in the short term in which many exist­ed… but also in think­ing about just how much time out of life I’ve wast­ed on them.

Experience. That’s real­ly all I’m left with from them. Experience… and so very many par­tial entries on the Wayback Machine, a tes­ta­ment to just how lit­tle I knew what I was doing because their archival bots nev­er seemed to be able to prop­er­ly index my sites.

Every time, an idea, no mat­ter how neat I find it in the moment, bogged down in the weeds of fine-​tuning every lit­tle bit of the site… well, except the con­tent… or fail­ing to moti­vate my part­ners in the endeav­ors to keep up with them. 

I don’t have an idea this time, beyond write. Write some­thing. Anything. Essay or free writ­ing. Whatever.


My name is Rick Beckman, and I have no clue what to say or how to say it.

But if you’re there, if you’re lis­ten­ing… then I’m say­ing it to you.

Any ques­tions?

Resolutely, Rick

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