A Seed Sprouts

My name is Rick Beckman!, I scream into the practically never-ending expanse that is the Internet.

Another idea. Part of an idea really. Another thing that is being put out there, wherever “there” is — wherever you are, I suppose — with my name on it, tied to my legacy of half-baked and mostly forgotten Internet-based projects.

A weekly hosted theology chat. A theology-themed e-zine with multiple authors. A wiki of theology… or of apologetics. Message boards. Blogs. Webrings. AHHHHHH.

It’s exhausting thinking about not only how much effort all of those things were, even in the short term in which many existed… but also in thinking about just how much time out of life I’ve wasted on them.

Experience. That’s really all I’m left with from them. Experience… and so very many partial entries on the Wayback Machine, a testament to just how little I knew what I was doing because their archival bots never seemed to be able to properly index my sites.

Every time, an idea, no matter how neat I find it in the moment, bogged down in the weeds of fine-tuning every little bit of the site… well, except the content… or failing to motivate my partners in the endeavors to keep up with them.

I don’t have an idea this time, beyond write. Write something. Anything. Essay or free writing. Whatever.


My name is Rick Beckman, and I have no clue what to say or how to say it.

But if you’re there, if you’re listening… then I’m saying it to you.

Any questions?

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