Ascending toward a Secular Now

The other day, I described what it is to ascend Olympus, to explore the holy places to determine whether the gods are there. It’s a form of active skepticism — a response to vocal religious apologists with endless claims that God is here and here’s why — and is a form which is not only necessary but also sorely lacking in society.

Oh, sure, you’ll find a handful of celebrity skeptics who’ll ascend Olympus publicly (you may recognize the names Krauss, Tyson, Nye, and Dawkins), and there are certainly a growing number of online personalities doing their part to ascend Olympus (Friendly Atheist, Christina Rad, Jaclyn Glenn, The Amazing Atheist, and so on).

If I were to guess from what I’ve read or seen of their material, we all have one goal, to sort of reclaim society from religion, to make freedom from religion as mainstream as the freedom of religion, such that anyone from any religion (or non-religion) can live life civilly, based upon laws & morality which are agreed upon for everyone’s benefit, and not for the benefit of members of a certain religion or in deference to the laws of a particular religion. Continue reading Ascending toward a Secular Now

There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Millenia ago, the Greeks worshiped a myriad of gods and goddesses. Zeus & the Olympians 1 ruled over a variety of areas of life from high upon Mount Olympus.

Local legend taught that the Olympians often came down to interact with mortal humans. 2 When finished, they would return to Olympus, the tallest mountain in all of Greece, and their residences within its gorges.

From Olympus, Zeus would hurl lightning down into the realm of humans, while he and the other deities would observe, judge, and perhaps even be entertained by the actions of the mortals.

Why, then, did the Greeks never climb Olympus to find their gods? Was it fear? Were those who did climb it simply disbelieved upon their return? Continue reading There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough


  1. Sounds like a band name…
  2. It is, after all, how Heracles is supposed to have been conceived!